TU Dance/Dansekunst i Grenland

Fredag 27. september kl 19.00

Ælvespeilet sal 2

BIlletter kr 150,-/100,-

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Allegiance er første visning av Dansekunst i Grenland og TU-Dance Company sitt pågående koreografiske samarbeid. Koreograf Uri Sands har utarbeidet en duett for DiG sin danser Maria Ferguson Rønningen og TU Dance sin Taylor Collier.

How can we consider our future together while living in the wake of tragic histories that continue to plague our collective existence in the forms of white privilege and systemic oppression? 

How might we imagine our evolutionary capacity as a human race? 

What is the relation between the basic ecology of colonization and the biology of immigration, and how does privilege arrive or emerge - between or within - as civilization? 

What is the relationship between Norwegian culture and African American heritage in MN, and how are Native Americans considered in this collision?

TU Dance and DiG have chosen to create a Cultural Collaboration project that will explore and interrogate the complex relationship between culture and privilege which continues to shape our respective sociopolitical environments and the people within them.

Utilizing dance, music, theater and multimedia-- our intentions are to bring together a diversified team of creative artists from America and Norway to produce an evening-length work that challenges the social constructs intended to divide us, and simultaneously, speaks to the potential of our common humanity through the transformation of our collective suffering.


“The condition of truth is to allow suffering to speak, and the condition of being the truth is to

transform your suffering with great creativity and compassion into forms and deeds that

empower others to do likewise in their own ways.”  Cornell West

Koreografi: Uri Sands

Dansere: Taylor Collier og Maria Ferguson Rønningen

Medvirkende dansestudenter/elever: Aina Marie Flekke, LivIngrid Øverbø, JoAnna Teigland Ryding, Shanice Huka Vareide, Tiril Vedvik Dammen og Mathilde Sageie

Foto: Mats-Åke Nilsson

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